Rail Rider SEO Case Studies - More Than 1300% Increase in Traffic With On-Page and Technical SEO

Commencement Date of the Project: 2016(On-Going)

The Customer

Rail Rider is a growing e-catering and train enquiry service provider in India that connects Indian
railways passengers with a number of well-known restaurant brands and enable its customers to
taste their favourite food on their seat. Using RailRider.in any person can order their breakfast, lunch
or dinner meals in train at more than 180 Indian railways stations. Not only this, passengers can
effortlessly enquire about their train and can even make bookings.

The Compelling Need

Rail Rider was quite sure that if they want to grow their business proficiently, it was very essential
for them to maintain a high level of online presence and Google visibility in most of the relevant
keywords which would draw their potential customers (passengers) totheir website andengage with
it for ultimate outcomes in the business. For Raymn, the objective was to arrive at the most relevant
keywords for the Rail Rider and bring these relevant Keywords on the Google’s 1 st page and generate
relevant traffic, keeping the number of pagesviews on the higher side, thereby bringing potential
leadsand traffic for the Rail Rider.

The Challenge

1 years ago, when Rail Rider engaged Raymn as their Digital marketing service provider, they had no
search engine presence. It was essential to strategize in such a way that it quickly gets indexed on
the relevant keywords. Raymn then undertook the responsibilityof improving their search engine
indexing and became Rail Rider’s Digital Marketing ServiceProvider. To begin with, we first had to
target all the competitive keywords and get all of them onthe first page in search engines which was
our major challenge. Moving further, we had to bringmaximum and relevant traffic to the website in
order to generate potential leads in accordance withour client’s requirement. Now, enhancing the
organic traffic by building quality backlinks onauthoritative third-party websites with high Alexa
ranking, and delivering superior quality contentwas a task which required a well formulated strategy
and executive plan of action.

The Strategy

The very first step of the strategy involved a critical analysis of the market and the
servicesoffered by Rail Rider to infer how to position its differentiators in the market. It was
thenfollowed by a study of its major competitors and website analysis as per SEO guidelines
andsuitability. We figured that the website needed to be re-designed keeping in mind the
SEOoptimization factors to make it responsive, dynamic and SEO friendly. Raymn then
guided Rail Rider on the selection of right keywords based on the searches made by
thetargeted audience.

Now, the most important aspect in SEO is On-Page Optimization. Raymn advised Rail Rider
to first revise the content of the website according to the targeted keywords,then create

new pages in the website for better crawling and indexing by Google, do internallinking, and
further finally create Meta/Title Tags and description along with checking someother On-
Page factors as recommended which would bring potential traffic to the website.

The next phase included various Off-Page submissions with a top-quality content on
authoritative third-party websites having high Alexa Ranking. We majorly leveraged Press
Release Articles, Blogs to relevant media, classifieds submission and pitched content


The phase of implementation of strategy has been very smooth. Rail Rider continues to support
timely approvals submitted by the Raymn, adds continuous value and expresses satisfaction at the
pace and quality of work. Monthly review meetings continue to add new dimensions to the
campaign and help it improve further. All in all, client is satisfied with the work, technical proficiency
and commitment of our experts and the resulting outcomes, for the past nearly 1 year and promises
to stay with Raymn for a long haul.


There has been continued success for the past 1 years in both Google ranking positions and the
traffic. The agency is continuously growing in the number of passengers registeredacross India
bringing ROI much beyond it ever envisaged. The progression is steady and looking up. The
satisfaction of the service receiver and service provider is one of a success story. Here is a glimpse of
what we did and where we are:

In last 12 months SEO traffic of the website has increased by around …….%. Check below
screen shots.

  1. Keyword ranking comparison chart.

Ranking By Position

Initial Ranking







Keywords on 1st Page








Keywords on 2nd Page








Keywords on 3rd Page








Keywords on 4th and Above








 2. Pictorial representation of Keyword ranking improvement chart.

Organic Search Improvement over the year!

Lessons Drawn

  1. Know your client’s business, its peculiarities, client’s needs and vision for its positioning and re-positioning.
  2. Formulate superior strategy based on research and inputs from the client.
  3. Involve client in various decision-making issues affecting the campaign and review the campaign with the client at least once a month extensively.
  4. Continue to research better ways to have a decidedly better outcomes quarter on quarter basis.